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CBD Wellness

It's in Our Bones

100% all-natural, chef-crafted, lab-tested,
CBD-enriched edibles & nutriments for dogs





Cozy Bones for Dogs™ are the only all-natural cannabidiol-enriched edibles and nutriments that are deliciously chef-crafted and contain a valuable amount of lab-tested, premium, full-spectrum CBD - one of the most significant plant-based wellness ingredients in modern science.

More than a description of a place or environment, cozy is a feeling. It’s a recipe of warmth, safety, comfort and calm that, when combined, create joy.

It’s what our loving, loyal, pets naturally and unconditionally give us every day and what we are committed to giving to them return. Get to know our Cozy company...

The Cozy Kitchen

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Food &


Combining decades of experience in premier kitchens around the world and an extensive study of CBD science, Executive Chef Gregg Baumel blended his knowledge to create products that are deliciously edible and powerfully nutritious.

His first Cozy Bones for Dogs™ recipe contains 8 nutrient-rich all-natural foods and flavors, including 10mg of the highest quality, full-spectrum CBD oil on the market today. This chewy edible will strengthen your pups’ health, and boost their happiness, while also making their mouths water. More about Chef Gregg’s recipe…


CBD Benefits

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Current scientific research demonstrates that among the many extraordinary health benefits associated with CBD treatment for dogs, there are seven that are most common: The Core 7.

  1. CBD is a Stress Reliever: Is your pet anxious or depressed? Does separation, noise, travel, or new people create stress?

  2. CBD is a Pain Reliever: Does your pet suffer from general or chronic pain?

  3. CBD is an Anticonvulsant: How are you managing your pet’s seizures, tremors, tics, and spasms?

  4. CBD is an Antiemetic: When your pet is nauseous, vomiting, has a decrease in appetite, or rapid weight loss, what do you do?

  5. CBD has Anticancer Effects: Do you have everything you need to help your pet fight cancer and manage side-effects from treatment?

  6. CBD is an anti-inflammatory: Does your pet have IBS, arthritis, chronic joint pain or general swelling and stiffness?

  7. CBD promotes homeostasis: Do have confidence in how you’re currently managing your pet’s general wellness?

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